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This is a selection of recipes that I have collected over the years from family, friends and colleagues.  I have specifically selected those that are easy and fun; some are just old favourites.


As a Home Economics teacher I got to know what terms and methods first time cooks struggle with and I have tried to explain as much as possible where I feel problems might occur.  Little information blocks are dotted among the recipes for extra explanation.


This book has been compiled taking into consideration that most first time cooks have limited cooking equipment.  There is a list of basic equipment needed at the beginning of the book.  Most recipes have multiple serving quantities.


There are many methods that can be used for cooking the same recipe.  When cooking, one can easily use the same quantities whether using microwave, electric frying pan or hotplate.  The oven and electric fying pan can both be used for baking, BUT, microwave baking does require adjustments to ingredients. 


Although cooking everyday can become tedious, cooking has always given me a feeling of joy and accomplishment when friends and family enjoy a meal. 



This is what you will find in the book:


The "must have" in a basic kitchen


Ingredient alternatives


Basic recipe terms

Food & kitchen safety


Light meals




Main meat

Vegetables & salad







I hope that all you aspiring cooks get lots of fun and enjoyment from using this book!

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