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Cooking simply for you is selling @ R45 per copy (vat, post & packaging included - within South Africa only).

~ to purchase more than 10 copies, please contact me to negotiate a price.


Click here for list of retail outlets. (R45 is the recommended price only at these outlets)

How to order your copy:



Remember to supply full details (see below).


Phone:  + 27 082 658 7537


Email:  food4sure@futuregtn.co.za



Details required for order:


Your full name

Company name

Number of copies required

Total price

Postal address

Physical address

Cell phone

Home phone

Fax number

Email address





Direct Deposit:

Upon receipt of your order I will provide you with my bank account details whereupon you may deposit the money into my business account - internet banking available.


NB: I will post your order as soon as I see on the bank statement that the money has been deposited.

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