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December 2007 - Greytown Gazette


A comprehensive solution to "please help me" calls that mums field from offspring as they attempt to cook, is now available.   Greytonian Lynda Drögemöller, after replying to numerous telephone cries for help from her children, put it all together in book form.  Then friends' children wanted copies too, so Lynda decided to publish "Cooking Simply 4u".


As a B. Home Economics graduate of Stellenbosch University and with ten years High School teaching, Lynda has a pretty good idea of what first time cooks need ...the result is a bright, concise, easy to read collection of easy, time saving, low cost recipes.

To make those initial culinary expeditions less scary, the book includes a series of tips, hints and how to multiply amounts when friends pop round for a meal.  There is a list of basic ingredients as well as the basic kitchen equipment required.


An ideal gift for school leavers, those leaving the nest for the first time, as well as those still at home.



February 2008


Many thanks for the recipe book received a couple of days ago.  I am thrilled with it.  I really did not expect anything like it and can only say that for the price I received a very professional product.  Recipe books I have bought in the past have all been on inferior paper to save costs but yours is not expensive and so well done.  I have just transferred the amount for another book into your bank account as a friend of mine saw it and would like one for her daughter.  We are both so impressed as it seems to cover all that is needed for a young person who is leaving home.



May 2008




June 2008


I contacted you when your recipe book was launched!  Just wanted to tell you I bought one, and had it in the car and even my husband spent hours in the car reading it on the way to JHB!  It's a great book - have bought a few and given them to friends (one who really can't cook!) and for kitchen tea presents!  I use mine so often - your Brownie recipe is a hit!!  One problem - I made the Wicky Wacky cake - I think you may have left out the sugar - it was a bit of a disaster - even the dog would not eat it, and kids would not eat it even disguised with custard!  (Had a good giggle!)


Once again, thanks for a great recipe book!  Are you going to do another one? Loved the hints and tips, also the quantities for portions are great!


Reply from Lynda:  Great embarrassment!  My son was the first to spot the problem when he and his girlfriend tried to bake it.


500 ml of sugar needs to be added.  I had a sticker made for the correction of the first printing - the problem was fixed in the second edition.


Don't be embarrassed!  Your recipe book is great!  Mine is looking worse for wear, well used and well loved!  Must tell you, the first time I made the Brownies was the night before one of my kids birthday parties - my husband and I loved them, ate them all, had to make 2 batches again before the party!  A friend who NEVER eats anything sweet, ate 4 and loved them so much I bought her a book too!  They have been great to give as presents, I do hope you will think of another book at some stage!


My kids (5, 3, 2) love making the Brownies.  The thrill in our house is to collect the eggs and rush inside and make Brownies!  Many a happy moment has been shared making and eating then!  Once again thanks!

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